War Gratuity Calculator

Welcome to the War Gratuity Calculator (online version).

This unique resource is designed to allow those with details of a deceased WW1 soldier’s War Gratuity to quickly and easily determine their length of service in the ranks and, in many cases, to within the month they enlisted.

The War Gratuity was paid in respect of a soldier’s length of service during WW1 and can tie down enlistment to within a month – this allows you to determine when the soldier enlisted and is often the key record that reveals previously unknown periods of service.

For experienced researchers the War Gratuity Calculator can be combined with other surviving record sets to provide a rich source of information. Over 60% of service records, and millions more pages of supporting documents, were destroyed in 1940 so the Soldiers’ Effects Registers are a rare surviving resource.

WarGratuity.uk do not hold copies of the actual Registers (Held by Ancestry.co.uk) however we provide the unique means to interpret these Registers and understand them in the wider context of WW1 research.

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